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  1. How May we become Children of the Light?
  2. Some Questions for George Fox based on his Catechism for Children, 1660.
  3. Fox’s Catechism - Summary, simplified explanation of Fox’s Catechism
  4. God’s Plan for How to Live a Peaceful Life – Explanation and review of some questions.
  5. John Wollman Children’s Book – “Write Your Own Alphabet”

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How God Helps us Live a Peaceful Life in a Violent World is a print ready phamplet that can be used for classes and personal use.

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Class One: How to Live a Life of Peace
written by Charlotte Condia and Dr. Al Galves

This course focuses on How to Live a Peaceful life.

It seemed to the authors that if Friends wanted to chose a modern plan to help them live peacefully, they should be aware of the traditional  Quaker plans so that they could make  a wise decision. For the traditional plans have divine authority – God, Christ, the Light  – and the considerable human authority of the witness of the lives of George Fox and John Woolman which modern plans lack.


Course Overview - How To Use This Course

Part One written by Charlotte Condia. This part considers George Fox’s plan on how to be a  pacifist and John Woolman’s plan for living a simple life so that you can  be a pacifist.

  1. How to Live a Peaceful Life. George Fox.
  2. The Quaker Path of  Peace: The Simple Life. John Woolman
  3. A Catechism for Children, 1660.  George Fox
  4. An Appendix.

Part Two written by Dr. Al Galves. This section takes a look at the best plans for living a peaceful life available today.

  1. Peacemaking

ClassTwo: George Fox’s Catechism for Children written by Charlotte Condia

In George Fox’s A Catechism for Children, he writes of  the Light whom he calls Prince of Joy and Peace. God has a plan for everyone so that they may live peaceful lives in the world.

Christ lives within everyone as the Universal Light and everyone is enlightened by Him.  Everyone is created in the image of God so they may be peaceful like Him. Everyone may witness to the good in others.  Everyone may live in God's peaceful Kingdom on earth; they will live in God's Kingdom in heaven for eternity.

Although he had been beaten and imprisoned, Fox envisioned a world without war and violence. 


Included here is a book on the Catechism, some questions for George Fox, and some support resources. These can be used together to build a course on PEACE.

  1. Lesson 1:  This is a discussion of the Catechism.
  2. Lesson 2: This is a series of questions and answers to help the student understand Lesson 1.
  3. This is an appendix with background information about George Fox.