Susan, A Quaker Heroine

My heroine Susan is a generous, good person, accountable for her actions. She is a beautiful talented woman, a very good lawyer, never a victim. A Quaker, she is a universalist who believes that everyone may know God. A Universal God who pours out His Spirit on all men and women, young and old, rich and poor, with dark or light colored skin, so that all may know and worship Him. She believes that God has a plan so that everyone may live peaceably in the world.

Christ lives within us as the Light so we are enlightened by Him. We are created in the image of God so we can be like Him peaceful, loving and good.

We can witness too, and answer the good in everyone.

We live in God’s peaceful Kingdom on earth; we will live in God’s Kingdom in heaven for eternity.

Because God lives within us as the Light, and we are created in His image we are valuable. We are members of His family, we are equal. Men and women of every religion, skin color and ethnicity participate in this equality and value.